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Brasserie 360
2.7 (Judy's Book Rating)
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206 E 60th St New York, NY 10022
(212) 688-8688
Open 7 Days A Week 365 Days A Year 11am - 11pm


Brasserie 360 features a great family-friendly dining atmosphere as well as friendly staff and moderately priced dishes. Although the restaurant doesn’t provide a coloring sheet to entertain kids, their kids menu is varied and sure to please your little one’s palate. Kids meal options include: mac and cheese, chicken fingers with fries or mashed potatoes, mozzarella sticks with marinara and a kid-sized burger. Kids desserts cost $1.50 each, and their homemade cookies are fresh and delicious. High chairs are available, but there isn’t room for stroller in the restaurant. Worse, there are no changing tables or family restrooms in the establishment. Still, the staff is extremely accomodating, and the tables are covered in paper so you don’t have to worry about the little ones making a mess.


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